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Complications during pregnancy are extremely common. Yet most women find themselves surprised when complications occur during their own pregnancy. We expected everything to go smoothly. We were told that we were in good hands — the doctor or midwife had everything under control. Many of us, especially older women, were told we were not at any greater risk for complications. But now the fairy tale pregnancy we expected is not coming true.

You or your loved one may have pregnancy complications. You may feel more uncomfortable than you thought you would feel. You may be vomiting too often or in pain. You may find yourself on complete bed rest, unable to care for yourself or your family.

Many of the most common medical complications can make you feel anxious and scared. You thought you would be happy and excited while pregnant. Instead, you may feel worried or even depressed.

You want to do what is right for your baby, but you also want others to remember that you are important too, with your own needs and feelings. Some women are resentful that the health of the baby always seems to come first when they themselves are suffering. All of these feelings are normal.

At, we trust women. If you are troubled about a symptom or pain, we encourage you to call your doctor or midwife right away. We believe every pregnant woman has the right to be taken seriously and treated with respect, dignity and compassion.

Here are some complications women encounter during pregnancy:

Abortion — Planned or Spontaneous
Back Pain
Bed rest
Bladder Infections
Bleeding Gums
Blighted Ovum
Breast Soreness
Cerclage (Incompetent Cervix)
Domestic Violence
Ectopic Pregnancy
Group B Strep
Hand pain, numbness and tingling
HELPP Syndrome
Leg Cramps
Morning Sickness (Hyperemesis)
Pelvic Pain and Pressure
Placenta Previa
Post term Pregnancy
Preterm Labor
RH Incompatibility
Salivation - Excessive
Sciatica Pain
Sexually Transmitted Diseases
Skin Disorders
Urination - Frequent
Uterine Problems
Uterine Fibroids
Vaginal Bleeding
Varicose Veins

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