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About The Owner

As a young woman looking forward to having children someday, I was surprised to learn about all of the complications that women can experience during pregnancy, at birth and postpartum. I was astonished to learn that it is still possible for a woman to lose her life having a child. But what I found most troubling was that maternal health was not receiving the attention and research funding it deserves.

For a few years now I have competed in the Miss America Program in the State of Maryland. The most important part of being a titleholder is dedicating a year of service to an important public concern. The issue of maternal health and an organization that celebrates women is a perfect match for raising awareness and effecting change for all women and their families. For these reasons I am dedicating my time to this cause and committing myself to the goal of safer maternity for all women.

I hope that gives you a place to find answers and comfort.


Whether you are a woman who is currently experiencing a pregnancy or birth complication, a man whose partner is struggling with a maternal complication, or a friend who just wants to help — I hope we can help you by providing support and resources.

House Bill 844

House Bill 844 in Maryland requires hospitals to distribute information about postpartum depression to all new moms.

  1. Forward this e-mail to all your friends.
  2. E-mail members of the Maryland House of Delegate's Health and Government Committee telling them to support HB 844 and why you think it is important.


Tell Your Story

Have you or a loved one experienced complications during pregnancy, childbirth, or postpartum? We want to hear your story.

We hope to compile thousands of personal stories and photographs from women and men just like you. With your story, we can begin to document the reality of childbirth complications in this country.


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